Up-and-Coming: Against Marriage? Symposium

Good morning!

We are very excited to be co-sponsors for the up-and-coming symposium featuring Jack Halberstam from University of Southern California!

The Department of English, in partnership with Emergence: Queer Arts Festival 2014 presents a symposium that takes place on Thursday, February 6th from 5-7 p.m. in Conron Hall (University College 224). Here is what and who is on the docket:

Jack Halberstam‘s “The End of Marriage, Family and the Norm”

Elspeth Brown‘s “Queering the Trans Family Album: Euphoria in Rubert Raj’s Archive”

Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi‘s “Queer Expenditure and Marriage Plot Rationalities”

And a spoken word performance by Two-Spirit artist, writer, and freedom fighter Sâkihitowin Awâsis:

Sâkihitowin Awâsis Black and White

Click and take a look at the poster below, too.

Against Marriage Symposium_4



Thank You Professor Branka Arsić


We had a very successful turnout on Friday for Professor Branka Arsić’s talk; thanks to everyone for coming out! Below is one audio version of “Walking Dead: Thoreau on Thinking”; we are aiming to get another version up soon, too (hopefully it will be better quality). We will post the Q&A as a separate file shortly.

Branka Arsić’s “Walking Dead: Thoreau on Thinking”


We are very excited that the Americanist Research Group at Western University is growing. Please help us spread the word. With this, then, we want to announce an upcoming event: Branka Arsić from Columbia University is coming to Western on Friday, March 22 at 1:30 in UC 224A; she is presenting a paper entitled “Walking Dead: Thoreau on Thinking” that explores how Thoreau’s practice of walking enacts a theory of thinking. All are welcome!

BA New

Branka Arsic Poster